Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are eligible for camp?
Junior camp is for students who will be in grade 7-9 in Fall 2015. Senior camp is for students who will be in grade 9-12 and those who will have just graduated in Fall 2015. Those entering grade 9 are eligible to attend both sessions.
I like music--can I attend?
We offer instruction for all band and orchestral instruments (except harp) as well as piano and vocal instruction. Jazz band is offered as a secondary ensemble but we do not offer full time instruction for jazz or guitar. We ask that campers have at least one year of experience on their instrument or voice type before attending camp.
When is my final payment due?
Friday, June 5, 2015.
Why is the $100 deposit non-refundable?
Even if you don't attend camp, there are still costs associated with processing your application.
Are concerts free and open to the public?
Yes, concerts are free and are not ticketed events. Anyone is welcome to attend the concerts on Saturday, June 27th, Friday, July 3rd, Saturday, July 4th, and Saturday, July 11th. Campers will know their ensemble placement after auditions on the first day of camp. Concert details are available on the Schedule page.
What if my child takes prescription medications?
Prescription medications should be indicated on the required Medical Consent and Prescription Form. Please see the camp nurse during check-in to drop off and discuss prescription medications. All prescription medications must be administered to campers by the nurse. Campers who have inhalers, please notify the camp nurse—you may carry it with you but the nurse needs to know who has and needs them.
What should my camper expect if they are not used to the higher altitude?
Campers may experience shortness of breath during the first few days when participating in physical activity. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Asthmatics should make sure to carry their inhalers in case of emergency.
How do I know what to bring to camp and what not to bring to camp?
A list of suggested and prohibited items can be found in the Camper Handbook.
Are there different rules for commuter campers?
Please review the Commuter Camper Policy on our website. This policy is very important! You will be asked to sign and submit the last page of this document during the commuter camper meeting on the first day of camp to acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to the policy.
How can I follow my camper and see what's going on at camp?
We have set up a Facebook account (search NAU Curry Summer Music Camp) where we post updates, concerts, and tons of pictures!
Where can I find information about hotels, airports, and things to do in Flagstaff?
The Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau is a great resource! There you will find information about hotels, travel, restaurant, and other things to do when you're in Flagstaff!