Nicholas Tochka

Nicholas Tochka 20th Century History
Northern Arizona University
Senior & Junior Camp

Dr. Nicholas Tochka is an ethnographer and cultural historian of musical practice in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between identity, cultural institutions, and the politics of music-making under different political-economic orders. Nick's fieldwork and archival research has focused on socialist and postsocialist Eastern Europe and, in particular, the nation-state of Albania. Since 2004, he has conducted two years of research in the region with funding provided by grants from Fulbright IIE, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the International Research & Exchange Board. Nick is currently beginning a second research project that examines the politics and practices of Cold War-era knowledge production among North American, British, and eastern bloc music scholars.

Before joining the faculty of Northern Arizona University in 2013, Nick taught courses in traditional, folk, and popular music at Tufts University and Stony Brook University. He earned an MA and PhD in ethnomusicology at Stony Brook, and holds a BS in Music History from Hofstra University.