Scholarship Opportunities

Catharine B. Adel Private Music Lesson Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded to instrumental, piano, and vocal applicants in grades 6-12 to take private lessons through the NAU Community Music and Dance Academy. Applicants must display a desire for music growth, a strong work ethic, and a documented financial need. Scholarship recipients must contribute $100 toward the cost of lessons. Recipients must also write a letter of thanks to the Director of the School of Music, Dr. Todd Sullivan, and plan to perform in the year-end Honor Recital (Saturday, May 19, 2015, 4pm, Ashurst Hall).

Application and supporting materials must be postmarked by Friday, September 12, 2014.

2014-2015 Scholarship Application

Dance Work Scholarship

Dancers in Grades 6 and above may apply to receive scholarship in exchange for their help in one of the younger ballet classes. This is a fantastic opportunity for developping dancers to gain experience in the teaching environment. Applicants should display a strong work ethic and a desire for growth in the dance field. Recipients will receive $100 off of their tuition for the year.

Application and supporting materials must be postmarked by Friday, August 22, 2014.

2014-2015 Scholarship Application 

MTNA Piano Lesson Scholarship

Students aged 17 and younger may apply for this need-based scholarship which covers full tuition for private piano lessons through the Academy. Applicants must demonstrate both financial need and a sincere desire to study music. This scholarship is intended to give the gift of music to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity, and preference may be given to students who do not have a music program in their schools.

Scholarship Application

Andrew Sheldon Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship supports a male NAU Community Music and Dance Academy student to study voice. The student must be in middle school or high school and live in Flagstaff in order to be eligible to receive this award. Student must submit a cover letter and two written letters of recommendation from non-family adults who know him well. These include school teachers and administrators, choir directors, church leaders, and youth or service group leaders. The scholarship may be renewed as long as the student continues to meet the criteria. Awards may be made in any enrollment period. 

Cover and recommendation letters may be mailed to:

NAU Community Music and Dance Academy
Attn: Andrew Sheldon Memorial Scholarship Committee
PO Box 6041
Flagstaff, AZ 86011