Waiting List Procedures


Great News! Global Languages and Cultures DOES offer waiting lists for enrollment! Students must come to the Global Languages office in BAA Bldg 23 Room 108 to be put on a waiting list unless other arrangements have been agreed to between your advisor and the department. Unfortunately this process cannot be maintained by email or by phone for all students due to staff shortages; however, our goal is to assist students as best we can with the resources available.

We put the student on a list (we must know the term, student name, ID number, and which section and/or class number desired - NOT times and dates of class);

If a seat becomes available the department will enroll the student and send an email confirming they have been enrolled. Students must keep the timeslot available and NOT exceed their Maximum Unit Term limits after enrollment into the waiting course (be aware ... if enrollment is attempted and these criteria prevent enrollment the student will have to be dropped from the waiting list without notification on the assumption they no longer wish to take the class);

We give the instructors the lists before the first week of class;

If the student is not enrolled by the Department prior to the start of class (the student will have received an email if they were and can see it on their schedule) then the student shows up to the first week of class with a hard copy override form;

If there's room (some people who signed up don't show) and depending on the student’s spot on the list then the teacher will let them in by signing the override form;

Student brings that form to room 108 for a stamp (verifies instructors signature);

Student then takes the signed, stamped override form to the registrar's office to be enrolled.

As you can see, none of this guarantees the student a place in the class; however, it is the only other option to not taking it that we can offer. After classes begin, it is entirely up to the instructors. Please note that the student must show up to each class they are wait listed for or they will be dropped from the waiting list (yes, we can wait list them for more than one section).