Research Symposiums

Research symposiums provide a connection between design, research, writing, and presentation while opening the floor for interdisciplinary collaborations.  Therefore, their purpose matches with the IWP's own purpose and mission.  Beyond that, however, they retain the potential to create a space outside of the classroom wherein participants can generate academic and in-depth discussions about their passions.  
This past year, the IWP hosted an Undergraduate Videogame Research Symposium (and we went on the road to Phoenix Comicon!).  It engaged both the participants and the audience in discussions that complicated videogames in relation to gender roles, psychology, social communities, music, and much more.  It provided an opportunity for students to display their academic skills applied to a topic they are passionate about in a professional setting.  The IWP plans to host more symposiums with a variety of topics aimed at creating discussions across all disciplines in the university.   
In 2015, we are bringing back the UVS and growing it under a new name, The STEAM Faire: The Undergraduate Videogame Symposium!