Writing Resources

What we're reading 

Posters on the Hill(Special feature)
NAU is hosting special preparation sessions for Posters on the Hill in Washington, D.C.  It's an event that grants undergraduates an opportunity to share their research on a national scale. 
Professional Development
The University College offers comprehensive advice for working toward a career. 

Conference on College Composition and Communication: Online Writing Instruction
The CCCC outlines principles for Online Writing Instruction that are applicable across the institution.  
Einstein On Creative Thinking: Music and the Intuitive Art of Scientific Imagination
This article explains how Einstein used creative and artistic thinking with science and math. 
The National Association of Colleges and Employers issues reports and articles regarding employment trends and in-demand majors.  The link provided is an article specifying the most in-demand degrees for the class of 2013.  
NAU News
NAU News often features interviews with faculty and insight into trends and hot topics around the university. 
NAU Planning and Institutional Research
The NAU PAIR office handles all institution-wide surveys on range of topics.  For the IWP, the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) and National Student Survey of Engagement (NSSE) are interesting and we have gathered the relevant findings here
NAU Outcomes: Newsletter of NAU's Research Enterprise (Fall 2014)
A brief overview of NAU's latest research endeavors.
Quality Matters
Quality Matters is a national organization that ensures the quality of design and content in online-based learning and blended learning supplemental materials in K-12 and higher education.  


State of Create Study
A study and survey conducted by Adobe to record people's perceptions of creativity. 
The Education Closet provides an online discussion space for educators and professionals to converse about and define the STEAM concept as a whole. 
From STEM to STEAM: Selected Excerpts
Offers a comprehensive discussion on the pedagogical movement from focusing on STEM to including the arts, and therefore making STEAM.  The book focuses on K-12. 

Writing and Mathematics

Advice for Amateur Mathematicians on Writing and Publishing Papers
Microsoft gives some general advice on publishing papers in math. 
Criteria for Good Writing in Mathematics
Saint Mary's College provides comprehensive and disciplinary writing resources. 
Guidelines for Advanced Writing Proficiency in Mathematics
Saint Mary's College provides comprehensive and disciplinary writing resources.
Writing a Math Phase Two Paper
MIT outlines its requirements for its writing curriculum.  Although dated, the material is still relevant. 

Writing Across the Curriculum

Historically, our program is known as Writing Across the Curriculum.   
The Purdue OWL WAC Introduction
The OWL showcases a brief history of the WAC movement and provides links to current WAC programs across the country.  
WAC Clearinghouse Resources
The WAC Clearinghouse hosts an annual WAC conference and features the international WAC network.