Resources for Students

Recommended pages


University College: Schedule of Events and Conferences
The UC provides a list of academic events inviting student involvement. 
Undergraduate Research Symposium
The URS is the university's inclusive and interdisciplinary symposium. 


ASU Writing Center
The ASU Writing Center student sources encompass the technical aspects of writing, like transitions and comma splices, alongside Essay Checklists and Style Guides. 
CAL Tech Hixon Writing Center
The Hixon Writing Center provides excellent resources which include writing in specific disciplines, such as Engineering and Science, in addition to defining elements of writing and citation in different styles. 
DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning
DePaul includes a section on Resources for Writers that includes advice that encompasses the entire writing process. 
Harvard Writing Center
The Harvard Writing Center includes comprehensive sources on Strategies for Essay Writing and a Guide to Using Sources.  
Stanford Hume Writing Center
The Hume Center has resources for writing and speaking effectively.  The writing section, under Grammar, includes a Top Twenty Errors in Undergraduate Writing article, and the speaking resources include advice on conquering anxiety.