Resources for Faculty

With your interest and help, we know that NAU students will come to appreciate the need to give their writing, in all of their courses, a professional and dedicated level of commitment.

1. Writing, thinking, and learning are lifelong activities that are inextricably tied to one another. Writing is not a skill that can be mastered once and for all.

2. Writing in my course changes the way students learn rather than adding a few writing assignments to my existing syllabi.

3. I aim to improve students’ learning (and writing) by emphasizing writing as an effective means of mastering the subject matter. I do not aim to improve students’ writing by emphasizing a back-to-basics approach to instruction (teaching grammar and punctuation out of context). 
4. My courses encourage some form of writing during each class meeting as one way of improving students’ understanding (and writing) in a course.
5. My courses advocate a variety of writing assignments, often short-responses that nevertheless require a great deal of thinking. They do not stress the traditional term paper (or other long, one-shot assignments) as the major vehicle for improving students’ writing in a course.
6. My course assignments emphasize clarity of expression and complexity of thought, along with an adherence to the appropriate conventions of writing. They do not primarily emphasize the surface “correctness” of a piece of writing.
7. My courses promote the notion that classmates and others outside of the course, in addition to instructors, are an appropriate audience for student writing.
8. My courses are guided by the belief that writing is integral to ALL disciplines and that professionals in those disciplines are the experts.
9. My courses emphasize practice in writing and inquiry processes rather than just evaluation of final products.
10. Restructuring my courses changes rather increases my workload.

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