Student intern projects

The IWP encourages internship projects focused on writing in different disciplines. The internship course (408/608) combines writing theory and practice and offers project-centered experiences for students from across the disciplines. The projects for Fall 2013 include:

  • iWriting Camps
  • Faculty Interviews
  • iWriting Blog
  • NAU Science Teach Lesson Plan Camps
  • Student Surveys on Writing

iWriting Camps

The IWP piloted writing camps during the Fall 2013 semester, collaborating with research librarians on an intensive six hour writing, research, and design experience for English 305w students. This pilot program was organized by 408/608 interns.

Block 1, Tuesday

  • research skills review with librarians
  • hands-on guided research
  • research roadblocks
  • summarizing and sharing sources 

Block 2, Thursday

  • work in progress presentations
  • presentation feedback and recommendations

Block 3, Tuesday

  • self-editing skills
  • peer-editing skills
  • hands-on editing of project drafts

Pearson product piloting

The IWP has enlisted teachers from the English Department and the Franke College of Business to pilot Pearson Writer and Pearson MyWritingLab.  See our Pearson page for more information.  

Additional projects