Valuing writing, research, design, and presentation skills

NAU’s Interdisciplinary Writing Program (IWP) is committed to the intellectual growth and development of students through providing resources and experiences that encourage writers to explore, develop, research, design, and present their work inside and outside of the academic classroom. The IWP focuses on building a campus community that highlights the value of effective communication in higher education by working with departments across campus, offering writing, research, and design bootcamps, conducting student surveys on academic writing, and sponsoring the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Symposium on The Rhetoric of Video Gaming.

See our Mission Statement for further details. 

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Current projects

We are working with

 We are also continuing our Undergraduate Research Videogame Symposium.

Future projects

  • continue interviews with faculty and students
  • integrate pedagogy with technological tools
  • bring speakers from various academic and nonacademic disciplines to campus to show the importance of effective communication skills