Department of History scholarships

History scholarships are announced in February and awarded in April with a payout of the following academic year.

The department sends frequent reminders to students about scholarship opportunities and will have applications online soon.  Contact the department for information on scholarships. 

Garland and Evelyn R. Downum Award

Established in honor of Professor Garland Downum, who taught at NAU from 1944 to1976, this award provides financial assistance to deserving students in history and is open to MA students.

Eligibility: MA or PhD in History

Value: Varies

G. M. Farley Scholarship

Established in 1988 to provide scholarship support to meritorious students at the university who have financial need.

Eligibility: MA or PhD in History

Value: Varies

George and Elinor Kyte Scholarship

Established in 1987 by Professor George W. Kyte, who taught at Northern Arizona University from 1966 until his retirement in 1985.

Eligibility: Full-time, thesis-track MA student in history

Value: Varies

William H. Lyon U.S. History Award

Established in 1990 in recognition of Professor and History Department Chair, William H. Lyon, who served the NAU History Department from 1958 until his retirement, the award is intended to provide funding to a meritorious undergraduate or graduate student in U.S. History.

Eligibility: Full-time upper-division undergraduate or graduate history major; preference will be given to applicants who are conducting research focusing on the history of the trans-Mississippi West, Southwest, and the borderlands

Value: Varies

Francis McAllister Endowment

Established in 1989 to provide financial support to meritorious students in history graduate programs at the University.

Eligibility: Doctoral student at dissertation stage in U.S. Southwestern History. 

Value: Varies

Erin Bjorklund Memorial Scholarship

Transitions each year between the History Department and Philosophy Department.

Eligibility: Undergraduate history major

Value: $1000.00

Valeen Tippetts Avery History Scholarship

Established in memory of Dr. Avery by her children to honor her contributions to the University. Dr. Avery’s commitment to her students was her greatest legacy to NAU. The award is intended to provide financial support to a deserving undergraduate student.

Eligibility: Undergraduate; declared history major who has completed one semester, freshman year

Value: Varies

William Roosen History Scholarship

Established in 1994 in memory of Arizona Regents’ Professor William J. Roosen, who taught at the university from 1967 to 1993.

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate history major and nomination by faculty members in European history. Preference is given to applicants who show aptitude and promise for historical research

Value: Varies

William W. Tinsley Memorial Scholarship

Commemorates NAU Professor of History and Chair of the Department of Social Studies from 1927 to 1961. The purpose of the award is to encourage academic excellence to majors in history.

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate history major; preference given to juniors and seniors; character and scholarly ability

Value: Varies