The deadline for AY 17-18 English scholarship applications is February 24th, 2017.

There are four separate forms for English Department scholarships awarded in the spring.

One application for five different scholarships: 

  • Patricia Mapes Anderson Scholarship
  • William M. Burke Scholarship
  • Sybil Hall Shott Scholarship
  • The Mary A. Hill Scholarship
  • Elaine Bychinsky Award for Writers of Promise 

Application for the Charles E. Bull Award for the best short story and best poem by English majors or graduate students in English.

Application for the Alex Weirich Memorial Scholarship; in 2000, the Rhetoric and Teaching of Writing (RTW) Area of the English Department created the scholarship for one of our former graduate students, Alex Weirich.  

Application for the William James Verville Scholarship: To apply for this scholarship, write a 500 word essay describing your successful struggles with communication difficulties. You must also be an English major with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and you must have attained sophomore or junior status with at least 15 hours of English courses taken at NAU.

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