Art Education scholarships

2013-14 School of Art Scholarships Packet 

Questions can be directed to the School of art office Rm. 211 

Lippincott Family Foundation scholarship for BSEd and MSEd (secondary) art student teachers  

The Lippincott Family Foundation scholarship seeks to help candidates who are completing their student teaching experiences for the BSEd or MSEd in Art Education and plan to pursue a career in art education.

Award amount

A total of $5,000 will be awarded for each academic year. This scholarship is usually divided between two students.


Applicants must be current Northern Arizona University art education credential candidates with a demonstrated financial need. Applicants must have a 3.0 or better GPA.

Beyond financial need, the determining criterion will be merit (persons who show exceptional promise as future professional art educators). Special circumstances may also be considered.


The application deadline is February 15.  Late applications will not be accepted.


Eligible student teacher candidates should submit an electronic data sheet and an application essay to Dr. Pamela Stephens. Only applications submitted by e-mail will be accepted.

Data sheet


Permanent address
City, State, Zip
Email address
GPA at time of application

What semester and year do you plan to student teach?
Indicate where you plan to student teach. Include school or district name, city, state, and grade level(s) you will teach. Indicate DoDDS for teaching abroad.
After successfully completing student teaching, do you intend to seek employment as a K-12 art educator in Arizona?

Application essay
  1. Be brief and to the point. No more than two pages, double spaced. Respond to these topics in the order they are listed in.
  2. Write about yourself as a promising art educator. Why are you pursuing this career path? What special qualities do you bring to the profession? 
  3. Explain why you are a student with exceptional merit. What are some of the challenges you have encountered in your pre-service career? What challenges do you expect to encounter as a teacher? How have you met these challenges or how will you address them in the future?
  4. Describe your financial obligations (loans and other debts).  Describe any financial support (loans or scholarships) you are currently receiving. Mention if you are self-supporting or if you contribute to your own support.
  5. Describe any special circumstances that may be related to either your potential as a teacher or your need for financial assistance. For example, are you a non-traditional student (single parent, older student, or re-entry student)? Are you bilingual? Are you the first in your family to seek a university degree? Have you overcome a disability?
  6. Explain any other compelling reasons why you should be considered the recipient of the Lippincott Family Foundation Scholarship.

Note: Funds from this prestigious scholarship will be deposited to the recipient’s campus financial account after a letter of acknowledgment and thanks are submitted to our generous donors. This letter is due to Dr. Stephens no later than two weeks after the award is made.