Faculty and Staff Members


  • Priscilla R. Sanderson, PhD – CAIR Co-Principal Investigator & Lead Director for Community Engagement-Outreach (Northern Arizona University)
  • Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, PhD – CAIR Co-Principal Investigatory & Lead Director for Research (University of Arizona)
  • John Ehiri, PhD – Co-Director for Research, Education & Training (UA)
  • Mark C. Bauer, PhD – Co-Director for Research, Education & Training (Diné College)
  • Brenda Hosley, PhD – SREP Instructor for Research, Education & Training (Diné College)
  • Donald Robinson, PhD – SREP Instructor for Research, Education & Training (Diné College)
  • Octaviana V. Trujillo, PhD – Co-Director for Research, Lead Director for Research, Education & Training (NAU)
  • Anna Schwartz, PhD, FNP, FAAN,  Interim Director for Research (NAU)
  • R. Cruz Begay, DrPH – Co-Principal Investigator for Research (NAU)
  • Lisa J. Hardy, PhD – Co-Principal Investigator for Research (NAU)
  • Kerstin M. Reinschmidt, PhD, MPH – Co-Principal Investigator for Research (UA)
  • Robert T. Trotter III, PhD – Evaluation Director for Administration (NAU/UA)
  • Agnes Attakai, MPA – Co-Principal Investigator for Research (UA)
  • Nancy Stroupe, MA, MPH – Evaluator for Research (UA)


  • Jan Kerata – Program Manager for Administration (NAU)
  • Roger Nosker – Coordinator for Community Engagement and Outreach (NAU)
  • Shannon Whitewater – Administrative Assistant & Technical Expert, for Administration and Research (UA)
  • Kelly Laurila, MA – Evaluation Coordinator for Administration (NAU)
  • Jackie Assini – Senior Accountant for Administration (UA)
  • Tara Chico, MPH – Coordinator, (UA)
  • Lauren Copeland Glenn - Research Assistant Senior (NAU)
  • Heather Dreifuss, MAT, MPH - Assoc. Director for Research, Education, and Training (UA) 
  • Elizabeth Hulen, MA -Pilot Research (NAU)