Evaluation Objectives

The Evaluation team provides monthly evaluation reports to the CAIR Administration as part of the built-in feedback loop. The team also prepares data for publications and grants for program staff upon request. 

Objective 1

Process Evaluation: Monitor the fidelity and the effectiveness of the process by which the activities of the CAIR key functions are implemented for the program as a whole, and within each Core.

  • Monitor CAIR partnership development and make necessary recommendations to the Administration
  • Evaluation of project development within the partnership and each CAIR core
  • Evaluation of community feedback on progress and resilience research needs
  • Evaluation of community recruitment and technology transfer
  • Evaluation of CAIR training and retention practices
  • Evaluation of CAIR mentoring program

Objective 2

Outcomes Evaluation: Assess the success of the overall CAIR effort, and measure the success of each specific core and key function.

  • Identify and monitor short-term, medium and long-term outcomes for the CAIR partnership and for each of the CAIR cores

Objective 3

Corrective Actions: Identify areas within the CAIR partnership or the CAIR cores where barriers may be present, and recommend corrective actions to the Administration.

  • Create and deploy partnership health questionnaire for all CAIR staff and collaborators to complete, subsequent data analysis.
  • Provide a special report to the Program Administration highlighting the networks strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify areas or cores where barriers may be present, and recommend corrective actions