Community Advisory Board


The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of American Indian (AI) leaders and healthcare professionals serving in AI communities.  CAB members are recognized leaders and decision makers within the tribal communities they represent.

The CAB serves as a partner with CAIR faculty and staff through advising, recommendations, and assistance with:

  1. Developing new community partners in tribal communities
  2. Assisting with the design of tribally-specific community resiliency CEOC activities
  3. Advising researchers and sharing results to tribal communities
  4. Recruitment of students for summer research education and core training


  • Senator Carlyle Begay – VP of Business Development, American Indian Health & Management Policy (Chair)
  • Filmer Lalio, MEd – Community Outreach Representative
  • Marcy Averill – Operations Director, Spirit of EAGLES, Mayo Clinic
  • Sandra Irwin, RN, MPH – Director, Health Department, Hualapai Tribe
  • Elmer J. Guy, PhD – President of the Navajo Technical College
  • Brenda Gene – Coordinator, Health Promotions Program, NACA
  • Mae-Gilene Begay, MSW – Program Director for CHR/Outreach, Navajo Division of Health
  • Robin Kaukahi – Director, Ha:san Prepatory and Leadership School
  • Marlene Jose – Health Promotions Specialist, Tucson Indian Center