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What's New

  • NSTAR Service Pack 25 is now available.
  • Combined State and Local Budgeting will be available in March

Getting Started in NSTAR

NSTAR is NAU’s centralized budgeting software system. NSTAR is used for budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis. The NSTAR system is maintained and administered by the University Budget Office. During the annual budget processes for both State and Local Accounts, JFRs and business managers can enter their budgets directly into NSTAR.

Once the budgets are approved by the JFRs the budget office can then review and approve the budgets. This information is then used to create the Budget book and other necessary reports for the President, ABOR and other Arizona state agencies.

NSTAR is a business planning and consolidation software designed by SAP. It uses a Microsoft Excel platform and the same functionally which makes the system extremely user friendly.

Security Access

 NSTAR security is maintained by the University Budget Office. NSTAR has several different levels of security that are customized for each individual NSTAR user. 

Access to the NSTAR system is granted by your JFR or VP. To gain access to the NSTAR system the NSTAR Security Form must be completed with all signatures and returned to the University Budget Office. The user must then take and obtain a passing grade on the NSTAR User Test (see below). 

Once these two items are completed the Budget Office will be able to set up the appropriate level of security for the user.

If you have question on whether you need access to the NSTAR System please contact your JFR.

The Budget Office has also established an NSTAR User Group List Serve to let users know of many NSTAR updates or service interruptions.

NSTAR User Test

Before you take the test, we recommend that you review the NSTAR Training and NSTAR Budget Report powerpoints, as the quiz is based on the information found there.  You may also find some answers in the Glossary below.

To take the NSTAR User test, you will be redirected to SelectSurvey.com, which several departments on campus use for surveys and quizzes.

Login using your NAU id and password, and choose NAU as the domain.

Your quiz results will be emailed to you and to the Budget Office.
Passing is 13 out of 16 correct.

Take the test now.

Good luck!
If you have any questions, please contact or email the Budget Office.

NSTAR Installation


The EPM ADD- INs are used to install the NSTAR Budgeting Software on to your computer. You want to install the Bit size that matches your Excel Bit size, so if you have 32 bit Excel then you would install a 32 bit Service Pack. If you have question about which Service Pack to install please contact you Budget Analyst.

Service Pack 25 can be used for both Excel 2010 or 2013:

EPM 32 Bit SP 25

EPM 64 Bit SP 25

For certain versions of Excel an addition component may be required. If an EPM add in error is encountered install the below component:

Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistribution for 32 Bit

Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistribution for 64 Bit

NSTAR Installation Instructions

Computer Requirements


Operating System:

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8
  • Window 10


  • Excel 2010 
  • Excel 2013 
  • Excel 2016

.NET framework:

Version 3.5 or higher is required for NSTAR v10


Version 4.0 or higher is required for Excel 2010 or 2013, 64-bit


MS Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x64 is required for Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016, 64-bit




  • Google Chrome

Operating System:

  • Apple Macintosh

If you have any questions about your NSTAR compatibility, please contact or email the Budget Office.

NSTAR TrainingNSTAR ReportsNSTAR Template Quick Refererence GuidesGlossary of Terms
Context Pane (formerly Action Pane or Current View)
The navigation box in NSTAR where dimensions and members can be chosen.
Business Planning and Consolidation. IE: BPC for Excel. NSTAR is NAU's copy of BPC.
NSTAR has been upgraded to BPC v10.
Choice Box
Yellow rectangle on a NSTAR report or template that allows the use to choose different options such as year or department unit, that affects the information the report or template displays.
Company Folder
the area in NSTAR under EPM / Open where reports and input schedules are found.
Connection Wizard
NSTAR navigation option that allows user to see what server and environment they are working in. 
The connection wizard can be used to reconnect to the NSTAR database if use is disconnected.

To connect to Finance, choose FINANCE - A_NAU_PROD
To connect to HR, choose HR - A_NAU_PROD
          NSTAR v10's new reporting tool, replacing EVDRE.
The NSTAR application where users input and review financial budget information.
The NAU roll-up from unit to department to branch to cabinet.
The NSTAR application where users input and review HR and salary budget information.
Input Schedule (aka Template)
Excel worksheet that is used to input budget information into the NSTAR database.
The NSTAR environment that users should be connected to.
Open Server Root Folder
Report and Template menu under EPM / Open.
the NSTAR server name. also referenced as PINON.NAU.FROOT.NAU.EDU/SAP/BPC/WEB.
Refresh Button
Queries NSTAR database and returns information to current worksheet. 
Excel worksheet that is used to review budget information that has been enter into the NSTAR database.
Submit Button
Submits information to the NSTAR database.
Template (aka Input Schedule)
Excel worksheet that is used to input budget information into the NSTAR database.