Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is expected of me as a Bridges student?

As a Bridges student you will be expected to work on your research project 30-40 hours per week over 10 weeks during the summer. Much of that time will be under the direct supervision of your faculty researcher. Your internship schedule will depend on the faculty researcher you are assigned to work with. There are also required events or classes that you will need to attend as part of the program as well.

Q: What type of research will I be doing?

Research subjects will include environmental health, biomedical science, biology, chemistry, health science, nursing, psychology and community health outreach.

Q: Is it a paid internship?

Yes, you will be paid hourly up to $6,000 for the 10 weeks. 

Q: Is there housing for me if I am moving to NAU from another location for the research program?

Yes, contact Sheena Hale if you need to apply for housing at NAU. Bridges will pay for the application fee if you decide to make arrangements to live on campus, however we do not pay for your rent to live there. 

NAU does have family housing. The single room dorms are also available. Most dorms come furnished with a bed, refrigerator and desk. Bedding, toiletries, dishes, etc., are not provided and you are able to look up the NAU Housing and Residence Life website to see what else you may need. 

Q: Do I have to apply to NAU to be a part of the Bridges summer program?

Yes, you will apply to NAU as a non-degree seeking student and Bridges will cover the application fee. 

Q: When will the program start and end?

For the summer 2017, the program will start May 31st-August 4th.