Information and FAQs for Freshman Applicants

Take the first step toward your future—receiving an excellent education. 

Apply now as a freshman and you’ll receive an admission decision quickly, so you can spend more time preparing for college.

What you’ll need to complete your application:

 Flagstaff Campus Extended Campuses
1.Pay a $25 non-refundable application fee
2.Send your official ACT and/or SAT scores. Test scores are not required for admission but are required to be considered for scholarships. To submit your scores, have them sent directly to NAU from ACT (school code 0086) or SAT (school code 4006).


It's helpful to have your high school transcript available when you apply, allowing you to self-report your coursework and grades. If you self-report your grades, we do not need a transcript delivered to our office, unless specifically requested.

If you choose not to self-report your coursework and grades, send your high school transcripts to us.

Have your high school transcript sent to us.



Transcripts can be sent to:

Northern Arizona University
Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
PO Box 4084
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4084

Important Dates 

Spring 2017Jan. 17Dec. 1Jan. 9The spring 2017 application will be available this summer
Summer 2017May 15     March 1July 12    
Fall 2017     Aug. 23     May 1     July 1 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed my application. Do I need to send in my transcripts?

If you applied to the Flagstaff campus and self-reported your grades on the application, we will not need a transcript to process your application unless:

  • You applied to one of our Extended Campus programs; or
  • We contact you to request a transcript; or
  • You did not self-report your grades on the Flagstaff campus application

If your school does not have an official form to request transcripts, download and print our official transcript request form

If you are admitted to the university and decide to enroll for the fall term, we will require an official, final high school transcript (with the “Graduation Date” posted) be sent to our office by July 1, 2015.

I am completing college credits at a local community college/university while in high school. Do I apply as a freshmen or a transfer student?

If you have not yet graduated from high school, you will complete the freshmen application regardless of how many college units you have completed as part of a concurrent or dual enrollment program at your high school. Please send us your official college transcripts and we will award transfer credit for any course that is transferrable.

If you graduated high school and have completed 12 or more transferrable college credits after your high school graduation, you will apply as a transfer student. If you completed 11 or fewer transferrable college credits after your high school graduation, apply as a freshman.  

I am trying to apply to an NAU campus other than in Flagstaff but do not see a section on the application to self-report my grades. What should I do?

Only students applying as a freshman to the Flagstaff campus are able to self-report their grades. If you are applying for our online programs or to one of our satellite campuses, please send your official high school transcripts to the address below: 

Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Northern Arizona University
PO Box 4084
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4084 

If your school does not have an official form to request transcripts, download and print our official transcript request form

I am still in high school, but would like to take classes at NAU too. How do I do that?
Learn about applying as a concurrent student.  
Is the application form available for download?
Yes, but we prefer that you apply online. If the downloadable version of our application is your only option, download it here.