Recognizing veterans

In keeping with our recognition efforts, Northern Arizona University and the Alumni Association continue to honor alumni veterans and military personnel for service in the United States Armed Forces.


As an alum and a member of the Armed Forces, we would be very pleased to send you a medal and citation. Please send us the following information about your military service:

  1. branch of service (i.e., U.S. Marine Corps)
  2. status (i.e., discharged, retired, active)
  3. unit, battalion, company, squadron, etc.
  4. commissioned/non-commissioned/enlisted
  5. last rank held
  6. war/place of conflict/service location
  7. other relevant service facts (POW, MIA, KIA, awards/honors/medals)
  8. current mailing address

Please e-mail all pertinent information to the alumni office, and include your current "snail mail" address, or mail your information directly to: Alumni Relations PO Box 4094 Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4094. (Female service members, be sure to note your maiden or other former names.)

We thank you for your dedication to your country and university, and look forward to hearing from you soon.