Cadet Life

Program timeline
The timeline provides a focus and information by year.  For freshman year, the program focus is on followership, training, and personal growth.  That year you'll begin your medical clearance and also compete for scholarships.  During your sophomore year we focus on mentorship, critical thinking and Wingman culture.  That year you'll have to solidify a major of study and again be able to compete for scholarships.  After your sophomore year, you'll attend field training, which is a basic officer training in Alabama.  During your junior year we'll emphasize team leadership, decision making and solidify your identity both in the Air Force and within yourself.  That same year you'll select your Air Force Career Field and receive a monthly stipend.  Your last year in the program we focus on organizational leadership, ethical reasoning, program integration as a leader in the cadet wing.  You'll also apply for a base of preference while still receiving a monthly stipend.  Upon graduation you are commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and will then transition to Active Duty service.

Leadership Development is at the core of the Air Force ROTC program.  And while we emphasize physical training, academics and discipline the cadets find time to have fun (see galleries below).

Wingman Culture

Detachment 027 embraces the Air Force tradition of supporting our fellow Airmen.  The cadet wing has a strong mentorship program and mandates counseling and other support functions (e.g. Academic, Physical Training,etc.) within the chain of command.  Once enrolled, cadets find their strongest bonds in Air Force ROTC, much more than sports teams, clubs, sororities, fraternities, etc.  

Detachment Cadre and Cadet Wing leadership demand ALL cadets assume responsibility for one another's well being. It's an extremely rewarding feeling to know you're not alone when struggling in new surroundings, intense studies and experiencing unfamiliar emotions while in college.


Request to live with other ROTC cadets! This will help build camaraderie among your cadet class, assist with accountability for early morning PT and other things, and keep military-minded people together. To request ROTC housing, look for “ROTC Learning Community” on the learning communities dropdown of your online housing application ( This option is available beginning 1 November 2016. For more information, please contact Capt Gonzalez at 928-523-2040. 

Air Force and YOU

Thinking about your future can be frightening.  If you are unsure about what lies ahead, AFROTC is a great way to go as it can open many doors to exciting opportunities, enrich your college experience, and jump-start a rewarding career.  If you happen to be sure about pursuing a military career, AFROTC will give you leadership training, focused instruction, and the opportunity to enhance your personal goals.

Air Force ROTC and Your College Experience - From your first day in the Air Force ROTC, you will reap many benefits.  First, AFROTC offers life-changing experiences.  You will be given the chance to grow individually and also gain a sense of belonging with fellow cadets who share common interests and academic goals.  AFROTC will help you develop a healthy and fit lifestyle through morale-building and motivating physical training.

Air Force ROTC and Your Education - Air Force ROTC has partial- to full-tuition scholarships available for qualified applicants and some contracted cadets receive a tax-free monthly stipend.  Complement your schedule with AFROTC classes and get credit for the classes you take.  Learn organizational and time management skills which will help you in other courses.  AFROTC will help you develop teamwork and leadership skills.  You'll receive valuable training for our Air Force career and experience that is highly marketable to civilian employers.  AFROTC allows you to receive a commission in the United States Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant; therefore, keeping you from stressing out about a job search after you graduate.  There are also great opportunities for you to continue your education through tuition assistance and scholarship programs for graduate study.    

Air Force ROTC and Your Career - First, you will receive a good starting salary with regular pay raises, as well as tax-free housing, food allowances, and on-base shopping.  The Air Force offers comprehensive medical/dental care for active duty members and low-cost coverage for their dependents, as well as $250,000 term life insurance that costs you about $18 per month.  Air Force members also earn 30 days of paid leave each year.  While you work for the Air Force, you will get the satisfaction of a challenging career and serving your country.  You will also gain valuable experience because almost every job in the Air Force has an equivalent in the civilian world.  You will get the chance to see the world and work around the globe.  The Air Force gives you the opportunity to retire after 20 years of active duty with 50% of your base pay.  

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