Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson

Hometown:  Goodyear, AZ 
Phone:  928-523-3864

Recruits students from:  Washington

Tips for First Year Applicants:
Do not wait to the last minute to take college entrance exams, complete the application process, and apply for financial aid. Focus on keeping your GPA up and meeting all admission requirements. Do not let friends, money, or familiarity determine where to go to school; look for something different that gives you unique academic and social opportunities that are the best fit for you. Stay on top of things, but remember that you’re only beginning a long path of intellectual and personal discovery, so have some fun along the way!

Tip for Transfer Applicants:
Begin the application process two semesters in advance and never become deterred due to a missing transcript or lengthy application process. Maximize your time and energy while at the community college level—it passes quickly and before you know it, you’ve missed application deadlines and important financial aid dates. Always keep in mind that resources are available at both the community college and university levels to assist you. You have two institutions working for you; use them both to your advantage!

Favorite thing about NAU/Flagstaff: Whether you are an in-state student looking to get away from the oppressive heat of central or southern AZ, or an out-of-state student looking for a renowned academic program at a reasonable tuition rate, NAU’s undergraduate focus puts you first. With our small class sizes and unique opportunities for undergraduate research, our students get professional and career experience usually reserved for students at the graduate level. NAU’s pledge program ensures that students will pay one great tuition rate for four great years—affordability and world renowned programs wrapped in one. Not to mention the NAU campus is nestled under the majestic San Francisco Peaks, which makes for endless outdoors activities and beautiful surroundings.